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Hiring a venue versus conducting a client meet in your office

First impressions last. During an initial meet up with a client, a formidable reputation is often exchanged by both parties. The thing is, if the client doesn’t nod, there’d be no sale. So how is a good impression earned right from the beginning? One way to do so is to set up the meeting place in all its righteousness by choosing between hiring an external venue or conducting a client meet in your office. Let’s look at the following factors to consider in doing so.

  1. Comfortability

A client won’t be saying yes to a meeting if he isn’t interested to buy what you’re selling. You want to make sure that he’ll end up doing so by assuring a client’s comfortability at all costs. At this point, allow them to choose where they prefer to meet you. But be upfront with what you need in presenting your product. If you need tools like PowerPoint, stationery, or a computer, let your client know about it. There may be a need that your client should see it in person. If you’re a realtor, for example, showing your client the house you’re selling, a first meetup could require you guys to be in close proximity via a company car in checking it out. Do ask the client first if he is alright with this kind of arrangement. If not, maybe it’s better to hire an external venue where a video player and a video projector is available for you to run your portfolio. Co-working spaces usually offer these services.


  1. Availability of resources

Here’s another vital thing to consider. If you’re a designer, for example, in which you always need a huge presentation for your product or service, it’s always advisable to invest in gadgets and devices or a conference room. This way, you may be perceived as professional and operational regardless of the size of the office you have. While your home office is still in the works to be providing a badass venue just yet, hire an external one for now.


  1. Gauge how it will cost you.

If hiring an external formal venue wouldn’t be shouldered by the company and will end up putting a hole in your wallet after 3 meetings, then perhaps this choice isn’t in the cards for you. Unless the client prefers to meet you in public, your office is the best option. However, if you wanted to imply a certain impression, hire a venue where your office wouldn’t be judged in any way.


  1. Your office should reflect your brand.

If your product or service is meant to stand for elegance, going smart and ease of work, hiring an external venue is the most suitable choice. This is due to the come-and-go vibe that it has. Whilst if you are somewhat a curator, an artist, or someone that sells DIY tools, meeting a client in the office would give them an idea of how much flow you have in your space. Some art pieces and abstract ambience could give them a sense of authenticity and professionalism.


  1. Base it on time.

Some offices are inside a company’s building which closes within the day. Your client who’s interested in what you’re selling may be only free at certain hours that may not conform to those office hours. Here arises a dilemma about where to meet.

Many co-working places offer 24/7 services due to jobs that are ½ side of the world and a dateline apart. Therefore, it’s not so shocking if there are people who are working at an unholy hour in these spaces. The good thing about it is that it provides the same public, the professional, energetic vibe you get during the day when being with these where it’s safe to meet up with your client.

In addition to the time concept, let’s say you are a choreographer. You are to meet a client who is planning to avail of your services for a certain event. If it’s about hearing the concept and then signing the contract for you to be booked as the official dance instructor, do it in your office. But if it’s time to rehearse, it’s good to hire an external venue such as a dance studio to provide sufficient space for the client.

These factors mentioned could guide you in weighing which is the best venue for meeting your client. For whatever reason, and whatever outcome, providing a safe, professional and accommodating space is what’s important. As long as these three are kept intact, you’re sure to land a good impression alright.

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