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How Hotels Can Get More Event Space

Demand for meetings is outstripping supply, and at the same time, travelers are leaning towards the authenticity of home-sharing within the all-too-familiar hotel experience.

So how do you manage the growing demand for purpose space, and in precisely the same time keep attendees in your resort overnight? How do you go about producing entirely new earnings opportunities altogether? Following is a look at how properties may go about adding square footage without investing in more property (or even tons of cement).

Have You Tried the Lobby?

More meeting space means more earnings opportunity, just how can you maximize the space you have today? Think creatively about how and where events can expand on your premises. Any kinds of premises can be used for any kinds of events, with some places having a particular affinity for particular events. Rooftops are becoming popular among all other wedding venues in Tasmania, for example. Some choices may even be a much better fit than the traditional event space you provide.

The latest event professionals are hungry for something fresh. They prefer out-of-the-box ideas and place more attention on brand and identity. Contemplate how contemporary office spaces are changing. Floor plans are spacious, ceilings are unfinished, cabling and lighting fixtures are left exposed. Depending on the event, contemporary planners may even be more likely to book an unfinished fashionable warehouse over your fanciest ballroom.

The good news is that this trend makes it possible for your property to begin putting price tags in areas you would not have thought about before. Additionally, it usually means that you can accommodate new set sections and at several sizes, which contributes to a chance to fill in more sleeping rooms, sell more receptions, or even keep your very best workspaces open for high-value clients. Listed below are a couple of suggestions to market more space in any kinds of a resort (take a look at this luxury accommodation in Tasmania).

1. Hotel Lobbies

Lobbies in hotels are supposed to be inviting to its guests. With high ceilings, places to sit and food & drinks, they provide guests a sneak preview into what hosting an event or staying in the resort is actually like. A large hotel lobby may play with a perfect host to networking events or beverage receptions.

Additionally, an event in progress can include more vibrancy to the distance. As long as events do not stop guests from hitting the front desk, they will make the resort itself feel more alive.

2. Parking Lots and Garages

Let us be clear, we’re not suggesting you package a few tables and chairs to the corner of a garage level under the surface of the planet. As long as you have a parking place with open heavens above it you can set aside a room for occasions.

Think of these spaces like a park or some other outdoor venue with tents, picnic tables, and refreshments. This environment is perfect activities that would require more space.

3. Courtyards and Green Space

Have a walk around the outside of your hotel and look for grassy areas to repurpose as event space. It may take a little bit of landscaping, however eliminating a tree or shrubbery could open your hotel to some other category of occasions. And the type of courtyards can be anything. A hotel in Hobart uses a wharf which is around the vicinity for its events.

For instance, corporate team building exercises search for hotels that offer a blend of indoor and outdoor environments. Find a way to accommodate your house to their requirements.

4. Kitchens

Your catering team isn’t always inhabiting the kitchen, right? You could be able to leverage this space for culinary events. “Cooking vacations” are becoming increasingly popular with millennials that are looking to experience a new destination through food and beverages.

Catch more room bargains by advertising your own kitchen as temporary HQ for aspiring chefs visiting your city. If you are visiting Hobart, check out some of the best packages by the best hotels in Hobart.

5. Rooftops

What’s better under the sun. Hotels are looking at the upcoming few years as a prime moment for re-investment. That might mean do some remodeling for your rooftop so that it can make way for events. Not all buildings have been designed with this in mind, but even creating space for any occasion with just 15 VIPs can have a large effect on earnings at the close of the season.

Partnerships are Greater than the Sum of their Parts

There are only so many ways you can stretch and accommodate your space to accommodate new business. After a certain point, you won’t find any more change beneath the sofa cushions. You also might not have the space to expand in the first location. Or, what if your hotel is not close to the popular hangouts in your city? How do you capture a meeting planner’s care when they would like to give their occasions that “downtown” feel?

That’s where it is possible to reach out to partners in your destination to increase group-sales chances at your hotel and drive new business to your partners. After all, all of the best partnerships are worth more than the sum of the parts. Here’s a look at a couple of ways to go beyond the walls of your venue.

Restaurants and Bars

Now’s leisure and business travelers are craving something no matter the destination: authenticity. The hotel experience in a sleeping area or event space doesn’t change based upon the destination. Consequently: planners are beginning their search at local hotspots such as restaurants and bars before conventional spaces. Some also look at private real estate listings for their event. That leaves hoteliers with two options:

  • Once planners book a restaurant occasion, let them determine if they want to reserve guest-rooms at a local resort, or test the waters with Airbnb.
  • Proactively reach out to local restaurants and bars and set up a preferred pricing referral arrangement. That way you are able to meet clients that are looking for something different without denying any guest-rooms to Airbnb.

Co-Working Spaces

Create similar partnerships with co-working distances, as you would with a restaurant. The difference here is that you simply can’t accommodate the same F&B requests.

A preferred venture with an elastic co-working area provides you the same chance to accommodate lower- worth customers, without losing potential sleeping room earnings. Additionally, you can continue to full-featured operate distances and concentrate prospecting on customers that close at a greater rate.

Parks/Public Spaces

We are not suggesting that you claim 1,000 square feet in the local park in the name of your property. The public area is… public, you can’t sell it like regular property. But that does not mean you can’t include the parks and open spaces that your town has to offer as part of a group bundle.

Remember the corporate team building events mentioned before? Learn what planners are working to achieve and pitch an event that makes use of your work area, nearby parks, and naturally, your sleeping rooms.

That is really where dealing with a CVB could be a significant source of referrals. Set your house as a thought leader and champion of your city. As CVBs reception to bring big events to your destination that they won’t overlook your property.

When it comes to mapping out your next event, do not feel confined by four walls and a roof! Know that you’ve got choices and get creative.


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