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Welcome to EverythingElephants.com!!!

This website is for the elephant collector. It is devoted to the International Elephant Collector's Society, which promotes elephant collecting and information about elephant collectibles.

Part of this mission is the project:
Everything Elephants: A Collectors Pictorial Encyclopedia
which consists of:

- a recently-published volume of the Everything Elephants: A Collectors Pictorial Encyclopedia; get more info and a way to BUY IT NOW

- ongoing work on this web site and the encyclopedia project that will host images and information about elephant collectibles - the ultimate elephant list - whether you are buying a unique gift for an elephant collecting friend, or want to find out more about the elephant photo you may have turned up.

- elephant conservation specifically and as part of general wildlife conservation and habitat conservation efforts.
A portion of the profits from the sale of Everything Elephants: A Collector's Pictorial Encyclopedia will be donated to elephant-conservation organizations!!

What is elephant collecting about?

Elephant collecting is a multi-faceted experience and hobby.  Because the African elephant and Asian elephant are beloved creatures, creatures of work and religious reverence, and became so over the ages and by cultures across the globe, things celebrating the elephant are highly desirable as collectibles. Because elephants are so popular, just think of all the types of elephant collectibles you can collect: 

  • antique elephants

  • banks

  • books

  • coin collecting: with an elephant theme from ancient Greece and ancient Rome to current elephant coins

  • metal, wood, glass, mineral, pottery, porcelain and ceramic elephant figurines

  • cookie jars

  • circus elephants

  • Breweriana

  • Disney memorabilia or Disneyana

  • elephant photos and elephant pictures

  • jewelry

  • GOP (Republican) souvenirs

  • plates and bowls

  • lighters

  • stamp collecting from the late 1800s to recent elephant stamps

  • teapots

  • toys

  • planters

  • and scores more!

Add to that all the different artists and manufacturers that have made elephant items and unique elephant gifts spanning 450 BC (for example - a Roman coin), to the true antique collectibles from the Victorian and Art Deco eras, to Vintage collectibles to recent art and elephant gifts. This list would be enormous and would include:

  • Goebel figurines

  • Harmony Kingdom figurines

  • Herend porcelain figurines

  • Lalique figurines

  • Limoges porcelain boxes and figurines

  • Lladro porcelain figurines

  • Rookwood figurines and bookends

  • Franklin Mint figurines and elephant collectibles

  • Josef figurines

  • Rosenthal Figurines

  • Steiff figurines and stuffed elephants

  • Swarovski crystal figurines

  • Tuskers elephant figurines

  • and hundreds more!

This site will help you get involved in this wonderful hobby by providing information, articles and resources about elephant collecting and elephant collectibles.

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